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7 Tips for Making The Move Into a Care Home Easier


Sometimes the move into a care home is carefully planned out, however there are times when this can be an emergency. It is important to pre-plan an idea of what you need to consider when making the move into a care home easier for your loved one. While your parents may not want to think about moving into a care home, it will be an easier process for them if the decision is made to which home they would prefer.


1. Importance of Future Planning

2. Take a Look at Care Hoes, at Anytime

3. What to Ask When you Arrive at a Visit to a Care Home

4. How to Look at costs

5. How 

Importance of Future Planning

Considering what type of care your loved one may need now or in the future is important to ensuring you get the best care they need. Planning early for anything is important, but for care it could prevent you from getting your first choice care home if not planned early enough.

Take a Look at Care Homes, at anytime

It is important to remember that you are able to visit a care home as often as you like and whenever you like. Care home appointments are available to come to your home to discuss your needs or you can even go to the care home to look around the facilities they have to offer.

What to Ask When you Arrive at a Visit to a Care Home

An important aspect of visiting a care home is to ensure you ask all the questions you may have. The most vital part of a care home is to ensure that it can cater for all your loved ones needs, making it comfortable for them and as if they are moving into a new home not just a care home.

It is important to bear in mind if the care home is in a location they like, so in the country not the city or vice versa. Is there areas for your loved one to socialise but also spend time alone when needed.

How to Look at Costs

When trying to keep the costs down when moving your loved one into a care home, it is important to take note of the size of the room you are being provided with. Unless your loved one requires specialist equipment, then a smaller room will usually suffice. However if you do require equipment such as a hoist or wheelchair, then you will need a larger room.

How to Find out about Savings

There are certain allowances that you or your loved one can claim for, however this can be limited if you are choosing to move your loved one closer to you. You could be liable to claim:

  • Attendance allowance
  • Nursing allowance
  • Continuing healthcare allowance for more complex health issues

Legal Implications Involved with Care Homes

There could be legal implications involved with care homes in terms of whether there is a power of attorney. If a power of attorney is required, then be aware of the time it takes to organise and the involvement of costs associated with this.

Importance of Taking Each Step One at a Time

Each of the steps above are all well and good, as long as you take the time to carry them out as carefully as possible.

A temporary term of care could also be a great way to trial somewhere, if they have recently come out of hospital and are in need of aftercare or if you are busy and require assistance for a few weeks.

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